Just Bought a Ski Helmet and I’ll teach You How to Buy one for Yourself

Some people say that outdoor sports are a lot more exciting than the indoor, I would agree with that. While doing indoor sports you only train your body to be firmer and stronger, outdoor sports give you some bonuses such as refreshing view and new atmosphere just like when you go skiing. Surrounded by snow and the breeze, skiing makes you feel free and fresh while doing the sport and even after that. What you need to remember is outdoor activities like skiing require you to have special gear to make sure you are safe and fine, one of the items is ski helmets. According to Ryan from Trendy Outdoors, having the best ski helmet with you is a must due to some reasons:


  • Nobody knows what will happen to you when you go skiing. Let’s hope for the best but in case you got an accident during the sport, the best ski helmets will be able to protect your head as one of the important parts of your body. In this way, you can avoid severe trauma in your head.
  • What is great about go skiing is you can feel the sensation of being in the middle of the snow you cannot always experience. But watch out, you can catch cold if you do not wear appropriate clothes and have a good ski helmet with you. The helmet, besides keeping you save, can make your head warm during the activity.
  • Peace of mind. I can imagine suppose I have a kid who loves skiing, I get my peace of mind if he or she wears a good ski helmet.

You may add some more reasons why you think it is essential for you to have the best ski helmets for the whole family when going to a ski resort. It is good if you have had ones but if you have none or you need to buy new helmets, the tips on how to buy ski helmets will be helpful for you. Let’s check this out!

The Types of Helmet

If you ask me where to buy ski helmets, I’ll say you can go to the nearest sport station in the city or just buy one online. This is not a big deal actually. What matters and important to know is what kind of helmets you are going to buy. There are some types of ski helmets available out there, injection molded, hardshell, and specialized helmets. The injection molded helmets consist of a thin polycarbonate shell filled uniformly and thoroughly with an expanded polystyrene. This type is more expensive, lighter and can be molded closer than the hardshell.

The hardshell type is like your skateboard helmet; less expensive, slightly heavier, and mainly come with more rounded monolithic shapes. Hardshells are made of a hard ABS shell with EPS foam bonded to the inside. The last type is the specialized that covers your ears and sometimes the face too with rigid protection. Due to this feature, the price is higher than others.

The Size of Helmet

Another thing that matters a lot after the type is the size. You should get a ski helmet that fit you perfectly considering the function of it is to give protection to your head. A simple way of measuring your head is by using a cloth tape measure in order to find the circumference of your head just above the brow line. A well-fit helmet will remain snug when you push on it that the skin on your forehead and eyebrows move with it.

You’ll see, the best ski helmets are not the priciest ones, but those that fit your head properly and are comfortable to wear.